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Jan 20 | Happy Birthdays and Vintage Pictures | by Cynthia

We are thrilled to be wishing congratulation wishes to one of our staff members - Lindsay.  Lindsay is our resident carpenter, packer, keeps our vehicles running in top condition, moves our furniture, keeps us calm and all around great guy!  We don't know what we would do without him, so here's to another year of greatness!

Happy - Happy Birthday, Lindsay Upchurch!

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What happens when a professional Photographer snaps up pictures in a vintage Warehouse?  Nothing short of perfection!  We have been busy redoing our warehouse to not only merchandise better for rentals, but also as a funky venue.  We realize that Vintage Love, Rentals and annessi will not appeal to all people looking for a space for their events, but our space is for fun, quirky couples looking for that unique space that speaks to their hearts.
Dreamstate Photography came through the other day [we always love it when they are in the house!] and snapped up some phenomenal pictures that we are sharing with you here.  We were in the middle of a major redo, so David could only get a few pics, but the ones that he did?  We L.O.V.E.!
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We will be at the Warehouse this Saturday.  If you would like a tour or more information about making an appointment to visit, please contact or call 515-201-8070 / 319-321-6368.
We would love to show you around!

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