Wedding Details - Tablesettings

Jan 15 | Adding Color & Texture | by Cynthia

We are suckers for details.  Whenever we research other blogs, our eyes are always drawn to the various details that make a particular photograph so interesting.  It could be a color, the texture of the linens, the way that eveything is mixed, yet matches, or it could be something as simple as the light streaming through a window.  As designers, we know that details are important because the sum of the parts is what your guests will take away in their memory bank when they recall your event.

We are particularly drawn to table settings.  It is one of the reasons I became involved in designing weddings - I wanted to make sure that the tables that your guests sit at are as beautiful as the rest of your event. Whether your style is contemporary, rustic, minimalistic, earthy, vintage, modern or a mixture of all, paying attention to all the elements that go into setting a beautiful table is very important for the final look. 

Here are some of our favorites.


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