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Feb 23 | New Technology, Boho Brides and Bridal Shows | by Cynthia

As a wedding planner and event decorator, we are taught to embrace change, look for the next trend, invent new things and "go with the flow," but when your beloved computer of 8 years takes a dive for the worst, change is NOT good!  I loved my old computer.  It was a Toshiba that has served me well, was easy to navigate and made my life so much easier.  
Now that I have a new computer, the learning curve is up and time that I should spend doing proposals are spent playing "where did the documents hide?"  Oh well, I have a "can-do" spirit and will master this tech machine with the hand of an expert knowing that I will overcome.

Anyone else out there wondering if upgrading our tech devices is always a better choice?

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The 2014 wedding season is fast approaching for us.  Normally, we try to keep the first three months open for Bridal Shows, website maintenance and getting the warehouse ready for the new year. This year, the season has started a little early, so I went back into some archived pictures from a few years ago for some inspiration and came across this table that I did oh so many years ago.  It still makes me yearn for those brides that love a touch of the modern with a bit of the eclectic boho thrown in for fun.
Photo courtesy of Nina Scott Productions
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We are headed to Council Bluffs this Sunday for the Preferred Bridal ShowBayliss Park Hall is an historic building in the heart of this beautiful downtown district. We would love to have you join us! With our corporate sponsor - Scratch Cupcakery - we will be showcasing some beautiful new furniture pieces from Vintage Love, Rentals and annessi in conjunction with their delicious little morsels of love.   You really want to attend, if just to try a bite of these mini cakes piled high with frosting heaven!

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