Spring has sprung!

May 6 | Outdoor Weddings | by Cynthia

As you can tell from the sporadic posts, I have been occupied other than in my office for the last couple of weeks. I apologize that I have been MIA; spring has finally sprung around our house and I have had to put on my gardener hat to get everything accomplished before our wedding season hits us hard.  It took me over two weeks just to get the beds cleaned out. I have a love / hate relationship with our trees on the property at this time of the year! So between raking leaves, pulling weeds [why do they always survive no matter what?] and planting new plants to take the place of the ones that didn't survive the long winter, I had to take a break from blogging.
Despite the back-breaking work . the garden is a beautiful place to be; quiet, sunny with a mild breeze and birds flying overhead - no wonder couples opt for an outdoor wedding every chance they get!


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