I never thought it would be like this....

Happy Sunday!
I am sure that by now, you have noticed a lack of postings. When I started this business years and year ago, I never imagined that it would grow as it has. We have never been so busy as this year and next year looks to be even better!  Posting seems to have gone by the way side and I am sorry for that since I have missed connecting with you. However, when we are trying to serve as many clients as we are, something has to give and it seems to be social media time.

We are extremely grateful for each and every client that has crossed our path and will in the future.
We love sourcing new rentals for you to use for your events and we get giddy each time a prospective couple walks into the warehouse and just stares with that great Mona Lisa smile because there is more than they ever thought!  We want everyone's experience to be a good one when they walk through the door, so thank you for your business!

In the meantime, I will continue to look for time to blog about our amazing events.
Need a quick fix?  Visit our instagram account - WeddingsinIowa. A quick photo from the warehouse or a wedding can always be found.

Photo courtesy of Dreamstate Photo

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