Making it special

Your own personal stamp of creativity will make your event uniquely your own. Here are some ideas for your ceremony to help you create a wedding that will long be remembered after the last bite of cake has been eaten.

Personalize the Groom’s boutonnière.
Maybe the same flowers from your bouquet.
A special pin that you have made him.
A memento that reminds him of your dates together
A look that hints of the upcoming honeymoon.

Special Moment. Savor the moment with each other right after the processional. Take a minute or two to be alone and love the closeness. You were just pronounced man and wife!

Choose unique items for your flower girls to carry instead of the usual “flower basket and rose petal tossing”; a wand decorated with streamers and flowers, an elegant kissing ball, or tiny nosegay.

Consider having custom-made wedding rings made that are uniquely your own.

Write a personal note to your mom and dad, slip it into their ceremony program and have the program placed at their seat. They will be touched by your affectionate words.

Consider wearing gloves with your wedding ensemble; full, elbow, or wrist-length, sheer or silk, ivory or white. The epitome of grace and elegance!

Carry a bouquet of the same types of flowers that your mother carried when she was a bride.

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