Kindness will take you a long ways

My parents taught me that flies are much more attracted to honey than vinegar. In other words, kindness will get you farther in life than sour dispositions.

Many vendors will often tell me that they have to deal with less than savory couples sometimes. They will make an appointment and not show up; short the check and not pay the balance; belittle them at the wedding reception; and shout and rant over the smallest things.

Many couples will often complain about their vendors. Just going to the Knot will show you that there are a lot of unhappy wedding couples out there. Too late for appointed times of start; not the right product or color; not returning phone calls; bad attitudes and rudeness.

Sounds to me like a case of too much vinegar and not enough honey! Here's a thought---how about treating each other like you would like to be treated? The golden rule is still all of that--a golden rule to live by.

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