Being a bit busy

I have had three weddings in two days and am starting to feel the wedding crunch. I have another wedding this weekend, the weekend after that, and so on.

In working so many weddings, I have lots of observations and will be sharing them with you throughout the summer. Suffice it to say that people are all different and no event is ever the same as another one. Individuality is good.

For instance....the wedding that I attended yesterday was the first one that has made me cry in a very long time. It was the wedding of my assistant on the eastern side of Iowa. She is a lovely girl, just graduated from college and looks lovingly at her husband whenever he is around. Yes, the wedding was on a Monday. She wanted to make sure that I could attend as well as they are moving next week to the state of Washington because her husband is in the Air Force.

Here are the facts of the wedding: It was held in a little country road side church right off I35 near Clear Lake. The church only had 6 pews in all.
Both sets of parents attended, the grandparents and siblings. I brought a photographer with me as my gift to them as well as flowers for the bride, groom and their parents. You would have thought that I gave them a million dollars. The service was given by the magistrate for Cero Gordo County and they signed the marriage license right there in the church. The whole ceremony lasted all of 7 minutes.

After pictures, we drove to the groom's parent's home and had a BBQ in their cleaned out garage complete with crepe paper streamers and a homemade two layer cake made by the grandmother of the bride.

Now I have to tell you that I have planned some beautiful fancy weddings in my time; money has been no object, food especially catered in, decorations that could pay a year's mortgage. Yet, there in a garage amid hot dogs, hamburgers, and homemade pickles, I have never felt more wedding spirit than in a long time. A young couple starting their life together with only their family to witness. It is the first wedding in a long time that made me cry.

I have never felt more blessed to be at a wedding in my entire life. So I dedicate this writing and all the wedding love in the world to Kylee and Brad, who reminded me that love doesn't need all the trappings of the world-just two people in love. Thank you!

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