We are back!

My Internet has been down for over a week. My laptop (my main computer source) has been after me for over a year to retire and buy a newer model. I guess even computers get tired after over 7 years of continuous use and abuse. It has never given me a lick of trouble, but it had become too bogged down with files and emails. The Geek Squad told me that I was fortunate, but correct that it was time for a new model.

The transfer of files however was a bigger job than even they anticipated. It took longer than we thought, so down I have been. When you own the largest wedding planning business as well as the largest wedding web site in Iowa, being out of the loop is not good for business or your clients. "Where are you and why aren't you answering us?" were common comments. I finally had to do business the old-fashioned way---pick up the telephone!

Gosh, but we have become a dependent society! As for being off the world-wide web for a while, I can honestly say that it was good and bad. It was a little calmer at the office (okay--not really! We have had back to back weddings every weekend since the last of April and decided to move the household and the 6 businesses all at the same time.) It is amazing to me how dependant I have become on my computer and how much I use it for communication. It connects me to clients and friends in ways that before was bothersome and cumbersome. Now I just type a few sentences and away we go.

I don't kid myself for one minute that over 82% of all brides and grooms are using the Internet in some way shape or form to plan their wedding events and if you aren't connected to the web, then you simply are missing out.

I am glad to say that I am back up and running -- yes, I am still using the old trusty while I learn the newer model's ins and outs, but connected I am and back to work! A word to the wise---don't take on over 20 weddings and events in a 2.5 month period, buy a new home and office, move 2 households, 6 businesses, travel and redo a studio and workspace all at the same time while keeping up on day to day activities. However if anyone can do it--wedding planners should be able to handle it gracefully. After all, organization is our middle name!!

Have a great summer----We are back to work and better than ever!

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