2014 Wedding Trends, part 3

Jan 2 | Textures & Details  | by Cynthia

We consider keeping up with the latest and greatest in weddings and events our promise to you that we are in the know.   Well, we KNOW that we LOVE all of the various textures and details that we are seeing crop up at weddings all across the country; beading, glittering, crystals, pearls, lace, ruffles, crochet, painting, ribbons, textured layers on patterns, the list goes on. Never has there been a time where there is so much for a bride to choose from.  Whether you choose just one aspect of your wedding to focus on, or want to incorporate layers on top of layers, there is inspiration galore.  We will keep you up to date with them all, but in the meantime, here are some of our favs.

We love the frilly flowers layered on various patterns. Source
Ruffles, crystal beading, ribbon, flowers and sleek; this dessert has them all.
 Crinkled burlap, vintage glass, sleek modern ruched chairs, elegant crystal chandeliers, gold tassels, outdoor setting, tent canvas - it all goes together perfectly!

A vintage Ikat design layered over a more modern linen paired with Lucite chairs and vintage glass is all types of beautiful!  Source
Blue chevron, gold silver and glassware, pink napkins, farm tables, vintage and modern glitz paired together for a stunning table setting.  Source
Gorgeous textures equal ruffles, beading, lace, feathers, and more to make unforgettable gowns.  
 We are seeing bouquets that are getting messier and more beautiful!  Their earthy textures are a welcome alternative from the tightly packed floral spheres that we have been seeing in the past.  Different flowers, everlastings, more greens and trailing goodness; this is one trend that we hope continues.

 Modern print meets rustic chic.  Source

Don't be afraid to mix patterns and papers for personalized stationery.  Source
 Sparkle paper triangles against a rustic barn board backdrop is a study in textured goodness!    Source

There is every single type of textured, layered detail going on here to make for one gorgeous coffee station.  Attention to detail such as this will give your guests an experience that they will long remember.  Source

 Throwing decor rules out the window when mixing styles is fun when you combine vintage, modern and glamorous with what speaks to your heart.  Source

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