Three DIY Projects

Jan 22 | Fun & Easy Projects to add to your Wedding | by Cynthia

It doesn't take much to add a spark of imagination to your wedding to gain the "WOW" factor with your guests.  Below, we have three DIY Projects that you can do - no instructions needed - easy peesy, but will add the fun, "why-didn't-I-think-of-that" aspect to any event.

We think that this roll or brown paper mounted on a round long dowel would be perfect as a Guest Book, Escort Card Service, Well Wishes to the Couple, Bar or Food Menu.  It would also make a great Program at the beginning of your Ceremony.  Photo Source

Inexpensive Vases can be had for a song at any discount store, Salvation Army or Goodwill. Spray painting them a signature color creates drama and cohesion.  They can be used anywhere for your wedding - as centerpieces, bouquet holders, tied to the end of chairs to frame an aisle, tucked here and there for a spot of color, or even as Guest Favors.  Photo Source


Need some Centerpiece ideas?  These frames are from an inexpensive discount store, glued together at the corners, then slipped over a candle in a glass container.  They would be a great way to show off engagement pictures or family pictures on each Guest Table.  Photo Source

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