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January 16 | Warehouse Rentals from Phoenix | by Cynthia

While we are enjoying a few days of R and R before the midwest wedding season begins, we thought that we would take the trailer and "pick" our way across the states, looking for treasures for the Warehouse. Gosh, we did NOT bring a big enough trailer! 

In my daily checking of my Instagram peeps that I follow, I noticed that Sweet Salvage in Phoenix is holding a huge sale. Pointing the pickup and trailer south, we arrive to one of the most eclectic, exciting, well put together and attended four day showing of awesome treasures that can be found. If you are a "picker", then this is the place to come! So much fun and love wrapped up in curated rustic, mid century, shabby, chippy, upholstered, re-imagined, architectural goodness! We are excited to share a few goodies with you in our warehouse when we return, but for now, here is a sneak peak of the first day's findings [and yes, we are going back today!]
[I apologize for the condition of the pictures - they were taken with an excited IPhone user!]

See those yellow tags?  Someone already beat me to this great deal!
How great is that jar filled with dried Lavender?

Clock faces are my favs and they had a lot of them!
Be still my racing heart!  That white gate is definitely going home with us - in fact there are two of them to turn into something amazing for our brides!

This is the check out line!  You should see the entrance line!

Yes, this arch is going home with us. Think of the possibilities!

This chair about stopped me in my tracks. Gorg!!
See the front of this beauty below. Don't you love it?

I want!!

I saved the best for last - this Ceremony Arch is coming home with us!  Woop!  We are so excited to share this unique piece with our brides. Imagine standing underneath this beauty reciting your vows of love..........decorated with flowers..........vines..........a hanging chandelier..........oh the possibilities! 

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