It has been a long time coming!

Sunday | Vintage Love is moving! | by Cynthia

It has been a long time between posts - too long. I am sorry.  Life gives us twists and turns and throws lots of things our way, but one thing remains constant - we only have 24 hours each day. I am sure that if I had 48 hours a day, I would still be asking for more!

This spring found us traveling in central and southern states picking our way as we drove on some of the most beautiful byways. When we got home, we had to reorganize the warehouse to accommodate all of our goodies that we brought back with us.  Trust me when I say that warehouse organization gets to be a giant Tetris game at times.

Sorry for the blur - these were taken with my phone camera.

Being filled to near capacity did not seem to deter us, because out we went again in February to Missouri to pick and pick until the truck and trailer were completely filled again. Home to fill the warehouse - this time to wonder, "Where does it all go?"

You would think that we would learn our lessons, but we just keep adding and adding great new pieces to the warehouse for you to choose from for fabulous events. Well, I am thrilled to announce that we will be relocating the warehouse later this summer to a much larger space, giving us lots of room to keep adding!  But the fun won't stop there; we are adding retail and a venue into the mix, so if you have always wanted to take home a piece of Vintage Love or have your event in the middle of antiques, chandeliers, quirky pieces of furniture, old books that tell stories from yesteryear and just general want the out-of-the-box experience, we will have the venue for you.

For more information or to visit about having your event in a place that oozes character and personality, contact us at  We are now taking appointments for November 2015 and beyond.   And just in case you don't have an event to hold, we will be holding our first ever Preferred Vintage Flea Show/Market in November. Watch for more information to come soon.


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